Sr. High Ice Fest 2016

Event details

  • Monday | June 24, 2024
  • All Day

Let’s celebrate IceFest! Get your favorite scarf and mittens, bundle up and be sure to bring your camera; you won’t want to miss a group photo beside your favorite sculptures.

All teens in 9-12 grades are invited to spend the evening at IceFest in Chambersburg and hanging out afterwards at Chris & Jennifer’s house (5905 Buttermilk Road, Waynesboro, PA) on Friday, January 29th. Friday evening events at IceFest include live carvings, slipping and slidding down the FREE ice slide, FREE hot chocolate, FREE popcorn and FREE smores!!!

We’ll meet at the Bumbaugh’s house at 5:00pm. Bring money if you want to purchase food and drinks at Icefest. We will provide snacks later during hangout time. Pickup is at the Bumbaugh’s house at 10pm.