Jr. High Snow Tubing

Event details

  • Sunday | June 16, 2024
  • All Day

Just picture it now…you’re standing on the edge of a cold, frozen precipice. As you peer over the edge all you see is a steep drop. And all you have in your hands…a large, round, air-filled, black, rubber tire. And then it hits, you could jump over that precipice into the abyss waiting below! Slide the rubber tube underneath you, sail down the steep incline, cold air ripping across your face…what a thrill, wanna try it??

All Jr. High teens (7th & 8th grade) are invited to join us for a trip to Boulder Ridge at Ski Liberty for a morning of snow tubing. We’ll meet at the church at 8am, fill up on those delicious donuts from the cafe and then we’ll load the bus and head to Boulder Ridge. Before the exhilaration of the mountain we’ll all gather together for a devotional, talk about where God may show up on that mountain and then we’ll tube from 9am – 11am. Once we’ve had enough we’ll load the bus and be back to the church by 1pm!

Cost for this event is $20.00. You also need a permission slip and tubing release form which are required and DUE by Wednesday, February 3rd.