Baptism & Membership

Event details

  • Sunday | July 14, 2019
  • 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 9244 Five Forks Road Waynesboro, PA 17268
  • 717-762-2991
July 14

Water.  It’s a pretty common, ordinary thing, isn’t it?  We use it every day.  To wash our bodies, brush our teeth, clean our cars, flush our toilets.  We drink it, cook with it, swim in it.  83% of our blood, 70% of our brains, and 90% of our lungs are made of water.  Interestingly, Jesus tells his followers to take this very common and ordinary thing and cover their bodies with it for HIS sake…it’s called baptism.  The symbolism carries various meanings.  But essentially it’s our way of associating our lives with Jesus.  When Jesus was leaving to go back into heaven, the last command he gave his followers was, “Go and make disciples baptizing them in my name.”

Baptism is like saying, “I am a follower of Jesus and I am not ashamed about it.  I want to be known as one who loves God.  I realize that I am sinful and in need of cleansing and I believe that Jesus and his community are the ones who offer that cleansing.  I am now part of that group.”  This is not something to take lightly.  This is a serious commitment.  People in the early church could be kicked out of the synagogue, they could lose their jobs, they could wind up in prison, even lose their lives over baptism.  Jesus was sent to a cross…in the early church when you were baptized, you were saying, “I am a follower of that guy.”  Baptism, in one sense, is just water, but in another sense, it is a HUGE, powerful, life-changing commitment.  In your journey of faith, it is something you will look back on and say, that’s the day I put a stake in the ground for Jesus…it’s when you stand up and tell the entire world, “I am not ashamed of Jesus, I am his follower.”

If you would like to take this step, we’d love to help you do that.  Our next baptism service will be held on Sunday morning, July 14th.  Please contact Pastor Shaun by Sunday, July 7th if you are interested (

Membership:  If you are a follower of Jesus and you have been baptized AND if you have been attending Five Forks regularly and consider this your home church and you are involved and participating in the life of our church and you would like to make you connection official, we’d love for you to consider membership as well.  On this same Sunday (July 14th), we’ll be holding our membership induction.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Shaun.