The Church Board serves as the governing body for the Five Forks Church.  The Board consists of 12 voting members:  2 Pastors, 1 Deacon representative, 1 Finance Committee representative, and 8 individuals who are elected by the congregation to represent them on the Board.   These congregational representatives serve for a term of 3 years, and if re-elected are limited to 3 consecutive terms (9 years total).   While only 2 Pastors have voting privileges, all staff are welcome to attend the Board meetings and participate in the discussion.
Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of each month from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.   The work of the Board includes meeting individually with staff, providing encouragement and accountability.  Other responsibilities include (but are not limited to) hiring staff and establishing wages, vision-casting, responding to requests coming from the congregation or community, and establishing policies when necessary.
We function best as a community; learning, serving and dialoguing together in order to sense where God is leading us.  Because of this we want to encourage you to feel free to approach any Board member to ask questions, make suggestions, or provide any input on issues regarding our church.

Ed Herald

Shaun Kipe

Bill Shank

Ron Strite

Christina Martin