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Special Easter Offering

Supporting our Food Pantry and Deacon Fund
If you attended our Annual Congregational Meeting in January or followed what was communicated through video and print, you are aware that there was a significant reduction to the Deacon Fund line item in the 2024 Spending Plan. This was done in order to present to our congregation a challenging yet responsible Spending Plan figure for 2024.  At the same time, we made you aware that we are looking for ways to provide additional funding for our Food Pantry ministry which continues to grow. 
At that time, we shared with you plans that were being made to receive a special offering on Easter Sunday with contributions being divided between these two important outreach ministries.  This special offering is just a few weeks away, so we wanted to share some of the details with you at this time.
First, we are asking that any contribution you make towards this special offering be above and beyond what you would contribute to the regular offering.  The regular offering provides support for other ministries and areas of the church, and it’s not our intention to negatively impact their funding. 
Second, there are numerous ways you can contribute if you are able to participate: 
  • You can place your contribution in one of the three offering boxes located in the back of the Auditorium on Easter Sunday. 
    • If you write a check, please write “Special Easter Offering” on the memo line.
    •  If your contribution is in the form of cash, place it in one of the Special Easter Offering Envelopes that will be available for pick-up at the Connect Station starting March 10th.  Then place your contribution in one of the offering boxes in the back of the Auditorium on Easter Sunday.
  • You can make your contribution online by going to our WEBSITE and then going to Give/Online Giving/Please Select Easter Offering from the drop-down options.  You can do this anytime between now and Easter Sunday.
  • You can mail your contribution to the church at any time before Easter, simply be sure to write “Special Easter Offering” on the memo line.
You may also recall the challenge given to us by Pastor Ray back in January: To begin setting aside a specific amount each week, in order to give generously when it’s time for contributions to be received.  If you haven’t been doing that, it’s not too late.
Through the years our congregation has been very, very generous when a need arises.  We are hopeful to be able to provide sufficient funding for these two ministries that allow us to reach out and serve many throughout our community.  Easter is still a few weeks away, so we kindly ask that you participate with us by contributing whatever amount the Lord leads you to give.  Thank you!