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Just Say No?

Just Say No?
Back in the 1980s, Nancy Reagan was the face of an anti-drug campaign that used the phrase “Just Say No” as their primary slogan.  I (Pastor Bill) have found that just saying no to harmful desires rarely works, at least not over the long haul.  
If just saying no doesn’t work, what is the key to controlling our misguided and broken desires?  This is what we’ll be exploring this Sunday as we wrap up our Some Fruit, More Fruit, Much Fruit sermon series.  We’ll be exploring the ninth and final character trait; Self-Control.  Our Scripture text will be I Corinthians 9:25-27 so be sure to read and reflect on this passage prior to our gathering on Sunday morning.
LIVESTREAM (8:00 & 9:45)
We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!