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Ever Get Anxious?

Ever Get Anxious?
Anxiety seems to go with us through all stages of our lives.  When we’re kids we’re anxious about “this.”  When we’re teenagers we’re anxious about “that.”  Throughout adulthood, life throws at us all kinds of things that can bring about anxiety. 
This Sunday Pastor Shaun continues his sermon series called Pursuing Wholeness, and this week’s topic?  You guessed it, it’s Anxiety, that persistent worry and sometimes fear about life.  I Kings chapter 19 is where we’re looking at the life (and this week the anxiety) of one of God’s greatest prophets, Elijah.  Let’s gather together this Sunday and see how God deals with Elijah to get some insight into how He deals with us. 
Note: The following individuals will be baptized during the 9:45 service:  Kaylee Browning, Alex Seville, Dalton McKean, Tanyon Shaull, Noah Bockstie, Michael Wagner, Will Campbell, Josh Deardorff
And remember, this Sunday, our 9:45 service is a special extended service that will most likely end at approximately 11:00. 

LIVESTREAM (8:00 & 9:45)

We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!