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A High-Stress Job

A High-Stress Job
In ancient Israel, being a prophet of God might have been considered a high-stress job because the more successful you were, the more likely you were to be executed.  Elijah is considered one of the greatest prophets of God, and this Sunday Pastor Shaun begins a 5-week series where we will read about Elijah and one particular season of his life.  It was a time of stress, so much so that we see Elijah struggling mentally and emotionally. 
Many people today find themselves in a season of high stress, trying to cope mentally and emotionally.  We’re looking forward to digging into God’s word to see the interaction between God and Elijah, and hopefully discover how God is looking to interact with us today.  Shaun’s sermon series is titled Pursuing Wholeness and is based on I Kings 19:1-14, so be sure to read this passage prior to Sunday morning.
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We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!