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Back to “7 Things”

Back to “7 Things”
Back in late April, Pastor Shaun began a sermon series called 7 Things.  That is, 7 things every Christian should know about the Bible.  And Shaun took four weeks talking about things like Where the Bible Came From and helping us understand words like Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority.
This Sunday Shaun will resume this series, and we’ll be looking at how The Bible is For Us, Not About Us.  What we’ll be talking about is the importance of understanding the context of a passage, which makes a huge difference in making sense of what we read.  We’ll be looking at numerous Scripture passages of course, but go ahead and read Revelation 3:14-16 before Sunday and try to discern what Jesus is saying here.
LIVESTREAM (8:00 & 9:45)
We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!