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Where Did the Bible Come From?

Where Did the Bible Come From?
Here are some of our denomination’s doctrinal statements regarding the Scriptures:
“We believe that it is the nature of God to make Himself known.  God reveals Himself to humanity in various ways, most clearly in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  We accept these divinely inspired writings as the authoritative Word of God.”
“We believe that the Bible is God’s message of salvation for all people.  As believers, we accept the Bible as the final authority for faith and practice.”  
This is what we believe about the Bible, but how many of us know how we actually got the Bible?  This Sunday Pastor Shaun begins a new sermon series called 7 THINGS.  We’ll be looking at seven things that every follower of Jesus should know about the Bible.  One of those things is How We Got the Bible, and so be sure to join us this week! 

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We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!