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Making Space for God

Making Space For God
During our current sermon series, Pastor Shaun is pointing out different pathways that can help us better connect with God and mature in our relationship with Him.  This Sunday we’ll explore what is called the Ascetic pathway, which means connecting with God through times of solitude and simplicity.  In short, it’s making space in our lives for God.
Shaun will share this quote which gives us a flavor of where we’re headed:  “We are more busy than bad, more distracted than nonspiritual, and more interested in the movie theatre, the sports stadium, and the shopping mall and the fantasy life they produce in us than we are in church.  Pathological busyness, distraction, and restlessness are major blocks today within our spiritual lives.”  (Rolheiser)
Also, we will be baptizing three individuals this Sunday!  Marsha Ward will be baptized during the 8:00 service, and Gemma Sandifer and Brandy Martin will be baptized during the 9:45 service.


We look forward to gathering and worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!