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The Story About a Father

The Story About a Father
For the past several weeks we’ve been looking at a story told by Jesus about two sons and a father.  We’ve focused our attention on the sons, but this week Pastor Shaun will have us take a close look at the father in this story, and there is a lot to see!  The Bible passage we’ll be looking at is Luke 15:11-32, and so once again, we encourage you to read this section before Sunday’s message.
Also, a reminder that this Sunday we’ll be receiving Communion, and we will conduct it as we did earlier this summer.  We will invite those who wish to receive communion to come forward and receive the bread and the cup at the front of the Auditorium before returning to their seat.  We look forward to remembering Jesus’ sacrifice when we gather together this coming Sunday.
Go HERE at 8:00, or 9:45 A.M. in order to view the live stream on Sunday morning.
Go HERE for the digital bulletin for the Sunday services at 8:00 & 9:45 A.M. (which contains the song list and the outline for this week’s message).
We look forward to gathering with you this Sunday!