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The Thing About Sunday…

The Thing About Sunday…
This coming Sunday we welcome guest speaker Dr. Harvey Payne!  Many of you know Harvey, as he and his wife Heidi are a part of our church family, attending the 9:45 service.  Harvey is also a member of our Church Board and spoke here most recently in January of 2021.   
His message is titled “It’s Sunday, but Monday’s a Coming.”  It’s a spin-off of a sermon delivered by the late pastor S.M. Lockridge called “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming.”  Lockridge acknowledged the horror of Good Friday, but with the understanding the Resurrection of Jesus was about to occur.  Harvey’s message acknowledges what we love about Sunday, gathering together with other followers of Jesus and worshipping Him.  With the understanding that Monday and all the days of the rest of the week are coming.  And sometimes it gets hard out there.
We’re going to look at a Sunday/Monday event in the life of the prophet Elijah, and Harvey will be pointing out some practical steps we can take to remain committed to Jesus throughout the week.  Our Scripture text is found in I Kings 18:17-39, so be sure to read it prior to Sunday’s services.
And why not consider attending the Sermon Lab at the conclusion of the services?  We meet in the Café starting at 11:00 A.M., sharing thoughts and insight from the sermon we just heard.
Go HERE at 8:00, or 9:45 A.M. in order to view the live stream on Sunday morning.
Go HERE for the digital bulletin for the Sunday services at 8:00 & 9:45 A.M. (which contains the song list and the outline for this week’s message).
We look forward to gathering with you this Sunday!