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An Extra Tunic

An Extra Tunic
If you happen to have two tunics, what should you do for the one who has none?  You should share one of yours, right?  John (the Baptist) says as much:  “The one with two tunics should share with the one who doesn’t.”  
There is a problem with this, however, and that is, throughout history humanity has found it pretty difficult to share.  This Sunday Pastor Shaun begins a short sermon series called Jubilee.  Jubilee is one way that God addresses our unwillingness to share.  Shaun’s sermon is called “There Is a Problem” and our Scripture text is found in Leviticus 25. 
Go HERE at 8:00, or 9:45 A.M. in order to view the live stream on Sunday morning.
Go HERE for the digital bulletin for the Sunday services at 8:00 & 9:45 A.M. (which contains the song list and the outline for this week’s message).
We look forward to gathering with you this Sunday!