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Welcoming Kevin & Jeanne King

Welcoming Kevin & Jeanne King
Last year the Church Board became committed to inviting guest speakers to periodically come and bring a biblical perspective on some important issues of the day.  In January of 2021, we heard from Dr. Harvey Payne who spoke on the topic of suffering, and in September we heard from Dr. Ling Dinse who spoke on the topic of human trafficking.
The Board has invited Kevin King to come and share with us next Sunday morning (February 6th).  This will not be Kevin’s first time speaking at Five Forks, as we first became friends and partners in ministry with Kevin and his wife Jeanne when they spoke at Five Forks over 20 years ago.  
The issue that they were dealing with was how to best share Jesus with unreached groups, both in this country and abroad.  And so in 1997 Kevin and Jeanne helped start a ministry called International Project, moving to New York City in order to do church planting among internationals and unreached people groups.  They have seen many come to Christ, and a network of churches has been started in NYC and abroad.
We are looking forward to hearing from Kevin next Sunday as he will bring two messages that morning  At the 8:00 service, his message is titled “Migration and the Gospel to the Nations.”  This message will show how the theme of migration is all through the Scriptures and that God uses migration to see the Gospel go to the nations.
At the 9:45 service, Kevin’s message is titled “Turning Up Your Spiritual Volume:  Your Light Shines Through Your Mouths”.  This message will focus on how following Jesus flows through our everyday language. 
You are invited to attend both services, and if this isn’t possible, both services will be live-streamed and recorded as usual, for you to watch when you are able.
We look forward to getting reacquainted with Kevin and Jeanne and hearing how Jesus is working through them and their ministry!