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2022 Annual Council Report

Our Annual Council will be held on Tuesday evening, January 25th at 7:00 P.M. in the Auditorium.  Here is some of the business that will either take place or begin that evening:
We will be looking for you to confirm these names for the following positions:
Deacon Board:  Randy & Kim Eberly, Neal & Lorraine Mishler
Grounds & Maintenance Committee:  Mark Bitner, Kevin Biesecker, John Cordell
Finance Committee:  Dave Martin, Rhetta Martin
We will also be voting on the 2022 Spending Plan.  The Finance Committee met in November to work on this year’s Spending Plan before submitting a proposed figure to the Church Board, and now the Board is recommending that we approve a figure of $885,987.  This is an increase of $15,345 over last year.
Finally, the evening of the 25th marks the beginning of the Church Board election voting period.  You will be provided with a slate of six candidates and will be asked to vote for three to serve 3-year terms as Congregational Representatives to the Board.  The six candidates are:  LB Belella, Brian Egolf, Heather Ellerbrock, Heather Leese, Angie Petersheim, and Sheri Siner.  Additional information is available by going HERE in order to get to know more about these six candidates.
The voting period begins at the conclusion of the Council Meeting and runs through Sunday, February 6th.  Many will choose to vote electronically during this period and instructions on how to do so will be forthcoming.  However, we will also have paper ballots and ballot boxes available on the night of Annual Council for those who attend and would like to vote before they leave.  We will also be mailing paper ballots to those households where we do not have an email address (indicating that electronic voting may not be possible).
Please commit this night to prayer and make plans to attend and participate in this year’s Annual Council Meeting.
You will find the Report broken down into the following documents:
Elections, Confirmations, Reports (submitted by staff and ministry leaders), and Serving You in 2021
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer’s Report Overview
General Account Report
Building Fund Report
Special Activities Report
Special Activities Report Overview
2022 Proposed Spending Plan
2022 Spending Plan Overview