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Five Forks Church is about to launch a video-based discipleship event called The Bible Project 2022.  As followers of Jesus, we want to listen, learn and respond to His teaching.  By doing so we discover that we are becoming better at life, making a positive impact on our friends, family, and community.
One very important way that we listen and learn is by reading the Bible, a unified story that leads to Jesus.  The challenge is that many who want to follow Jesus find the Bible difficult to understand.  To address this, we’re about to embark on this journey and we would like for everyone in our church family to participate.  Starting the first week of January we will be promoting a “video of the week” (5-10 minutes in length) which will include two or three questions for you to consider and hopefully discuss with others.  We’ll be creating a discussion forum on Facebook where you can go to read others’ comments, provide your own insight, share personal experiences, or ask any questions.  For now, simply identify a time each week where you will be sure to watch that week’s video.
For those who don’t have internet access and would be unable to view the video, we will set aside time each Wednesday afternoon (1:00 P.M.) and Wednesday evening (6:30 P.M.) inviting anyone to come to the church to view the video and discuss the questions together.  There will be more information available in the coming weeks!


Starting the 2nd Sunday in January (the 9th), you are invited to gather with others in the lower foyer every week at 11:00 A.M. as we discuss that morning’s sermon and talk about ways we can put what we learn into practice.  This discipleship class will be led by the pastor who prepared and presented the message that morning.  It will be interactive, that is, questions will be asked, and insight and experiences will all be shared by those who come.  Activities for children will be provided and we also plan on staffing the nursery, so please consider joining us at 11:00 A.M. starting Sunday, January 9th.


Many of you have been taking advantage of the Coffee Station located in the Auditorium lobby.  However, beginning this Sunday we will serve coffee, juice, and donuts in the newly located Café Station in the lower lobby.  A number of round tables (seating 2-6) have been placed there for you to sit and fellowship with others before or after any of the services.  Be sure to check it out!
Because we are committed to discipleship, and because we see the value in building relationships with one another, we are looking forward to these three things.  Please take advantage of these opportunities to participate in the life of the church as we learn to know, love, and follow Jesus!