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Bylaws of Five Forks Church

Bylaws of Five Forks Church
Bylaws are legally binding documents that serve as an operating manual for many corporations and organizations.  Our denomination, the Brethren in Christ (BIC), has bylaws that are found in the Manual of Doctrine and Government which describes what we believe (doctrine) and how we function (government).
Many local congregations have relied on the denominational bylaws to serve as their own set of bylaws, however earlier this year it was requested that all congregations within the Allegheny Conference of the BIC establish bylaws that are specific to their local church.
The Church Board at Five Forks appointed a committee consisting of Ed Herald, Christina Martin, Jim Stein, Lin Yoder, and Pastor Bill to work on establishing bylaws that would serve as an operating manual for Five Forks Church.  This committee met several times in April and May, eventually presenting a proposed draft to the Church Board over the summer.  Minor revisions were made, and after Board approval, the proposed bylaws were sent to the Allegheny Conference Board of Directors, who approved them at their quarterly meeting on October 5th.   The final step in the process is having the bylaws approved by the Five Forks congregation.
This process will begin by providing our congregation with the opportunity to review the proposed bylaws and submit any questions or suggestions to the Board by emailing Pastor Bill ( by Sunday, November 7th.  The Board will address any input received at their next monthly Board meeting.  If it is determined that changes should be made to the proposed bylaws, the revised document will go back to the Allegheny Conference BOD for them to approve said changes.
We will eventually ask the congregation to approve a final version of the bylaws, and the vote to approve or not approve will be conducted electronically (and by paper ballot for those without email). 
We would be grateful if you would set aside time to read over the document.  Then on or before November 7th provide the Board with any and all input that you would like to give.  Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!