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On the Road Again

On The Road Again
The Scripture passage for this Sunday’s message is found in Luke 10:25-37.  In this passage…
Why does the expert in the law feel the need to justify himself?
Why does Jesus provide what seems to be unnecessary detail in the parable He tells?
Why does Jesus place a Jewish man on the road instead of a Samaritan?
This Sunday we get back on the road again with Jesus and His disciples. They are making their way to Jerusalem, and on the way, the emphasis of Jesus’ teaching is “What does it look like to follow Him?”  One way is by showing the same kind of love to others that He shows to us, as we will see this Sunday.  Pastor Bill’s message is titled Loving Like Jesus
Go HERE at 8:00 or 9:45 in order to view the live stream.
Go HERE for a copy of the bulletin for the Sunday services (which contains the song lists and the outline for this week’s message).
We’re looking forward to worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!