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Faith or Foolishness?

Our sermon series is called The Most Unforgettable Walk, and last week we saw Peter climb out of the boat and walking on water, headed straight for Jesus.  That took a lot of faith.  Some people would have never tried it, saying that doing such a thing would be foolish.  
This Sunday Pastor Shaun will challenge us to think about the wisdom that it takes to discern God’s presence.  How do we know it’s really God’s voice and God’s presence?  While challenging, there are steps we can take that can help us discern what is of Him, and what is not.
Our Scripture passage for this series is found in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 14, verses 22 through 32. 
Go HERE at 8:00 or 9:45 in order to view the live stream.
Go HERE  for a copy of the bulletin for the Sunday services (which contains the song lists and the outline for this week’s message).
We’re looking forward to worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!