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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday:   Reservation Information/ONLINE Form
Unlike last Easter when we did not hold In-Person services, this year we are making plans to gather throughout the morning to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, however, there are some things we will be asking you to do.
First, we will need you to make a reservation for whichever service you would like to attend.  Just like with our annual Christmas Dinners, you will email or call the church office to let us know which service you wish to attend, and how many seats you will be needing in the Auditorium.  When you arrive that morning, you will go to a table in the foyer where you will be greeted by our office staff (Julie, Ellen, and Beth) who will let you know which section, row, and seats have been reserved for you, just like at Christmas.  We understand that this means for one Sunday, and one Sunday only, you will be assigned a seat rather than being able to choose your own.  Over the next few weeks, the office staff will be working to arrange and reserve seats in such a manner that will allow for maximum occupancy while respecting physical distancing.  This is new for all of us, and so we appreciate your understanding as we work through this together!
Here are the options that will be available:
8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.:  Traditional Service
9:45 A.M. – 10:45 A.M.:  Modern Service  (Nursery and full-hour Children’s Ministry)

11:00 A.M. – Noon:  Modern Service (Nursery and full-hour Children’s Ministry)

We will limit the number of reservations to 180 per service, and so be sure to reserve your seats once you know which service you wish to attend and how many seats you will need.  If your child or children will be in the nursery or participating in Children’s Ministry, you will not need to reserve a seat for them.  There will be no Student Ministry on Easter morning, and so seats will need to be reserved for any youth attending a church service.
Second, in addition to reserving seats for one of the three indoor services, we are asking you to attend the Sunrise Service that will be held in front of the church near the Bell Tower.  This service will begin at 6:45 A.M. and Pastor Chris will be bringing the devotional.  No reservations are necessary for this outdoor service, but just like last summer when we gathered outside at the ballfield, we are asking everyone to bring lawn chairs and be sure to spread throughout the parking lot.
Finally, we know that there are a number of people in our church family who would be interested in attending a worship service where masks would be required for the entire service.  Our practice over this past year has been to ask everyone to wear a mask before taking their seat and when leaving their seat.  Once seated, some elect to remove their mask while others wear theirs the entire service. 
We would like to gauge how much interest there would be if we were to consider having an Easter service in the Chapel where masks would be worn the entire time.  There is a place for you to indicate this on the reservation form that is being sent out.  You can make a reservation at one of the three services, and at the same time let us know if you would attend a mask required for the duration of service if one were to be offered.  If you would only attend on Easter if masks were worn the entire service, you can simply indicate this on the form without making a reservation at any of the other services.  At this point, we are just trying to gauge interest in a mask-required service, and so we would appreciate your feedback before a decision is made.
Please be sure to respond by filling out the RESERVATION FORM as quickly as possible!  Thank you!