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A Real Page-Turner

A Real Page-Turner
By Pastor Bill
It’s a real page-turner.”   Have you ever heard or perhaps even used that expression?  It’s how we sometimes describe a book that we just can’t put down…it’s simply too captivating, too interesting, and so we just keep turning the pages.
Have you ever thought of your life as a page-turner?  I’d say many of us haven’t; instead, we would say that we lead pretty ordinary lives.  Look at it this way though:  God has a plan, a vision for this world, and it’s anything but ordinary.  The amazing thing is, He looks to you and me to join Him and participate in the work He is doing.
For those who are willing to join Him in this work, you should be able to look back and see that your life has been more of a page-turner than you may have first thought.  I took the time to do this a while back, the people I’ve crossed paths with, the places I’ve been, the things that I’ve experienced since getting involved in the work that God is doing.  There’s more there than I would have thought.  One page led to another and then to another.  And I’ll bet many of you can say that same as you look back over your life since you began following Jesus.
In the end, there is nothing better than being an active participant in the work that God is looking to do, and so starting on Sunday, February 28th, I’m going to begin a 5-week sermon series where we will look at a number of events – some jaw-dropping, some tragic, some beautiful –  that unfold in the book of Ruth.  We’ll be reading of two women and one man – Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz – who live their lives in such a way that they end up being active participants in the work that God is doing.
It’s a short book, only four chapters, but so much of this book mirrors your life and mine.  There are no miracles per se, no angelic visits, no kings, no prophets.  In fact, God is only referred to, and not that often.  But these three individuals will help you and me to see how we are called to live…knowing that God’s will, plan, and purpose and our choices and decisions somehow all work together in the midst of everyday life.  And it can make life very, very interesting.