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The Value of Meeting Together

While deciding that it is wise to forego holding in-person services at this time, we do recognize the value that comes in gathering together for worship.  Coming together to worship God provides us with a sense of community, even as we are scattered throughout the area.
The suggestion has been made that we consider pre-recording the worship songs and the message, and then post the service online that our church family can watch at their convenience at any time during the week.  While that is an option – and many people do watch the recorded service sometime later in the week – we believe there is something very meaningful to us in knowing that whatever is taking place on the stage at our church at a specific time on Sunday morning – prayer, songs of praise, the message – many of us are watching together, participating together, experiencing community together.
We would like to encourage those of you in our church family to reach out this week to those who you would normally engage with here at the church, possibly in the café, the foyer, or in the vicinity of your seat.  This can be done by phone, email, or text.  Let’s all work together to stay connected to each other.
This Sunday we continue our series called “Through the Eyes of…” and this week we’ll be seeing Jesus through the eyes of Simeon.  Are you familiar with his story?  It’s found in Luke 2:25-35, and be sure to read this prior to Sunday’s service.   Those who are familiar with this passage may describe it as a nice story of an older man waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled…a promise that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah.  After years of waiting, Simeon encounters Jesus at the temple, causing him to say to God, “You now dismiss your servant in peace.”   
But this is only part of the story, for in verses 34 and 35 Simeon offers words of prophecy that speak of the conflict that will take place because of Jesus’ coming:  Conflicting views of who Jesus is and the importance of the words that He says…Conflict within our own hearts as we grapple with the implications and cost of following Jesus.  It’s only by embracing this conflict that we can come to know the peace that Simeon speaks of…the peace that God offers. 
This week it will be Christina Martin and Peggy Dawson who will open the service with a few songs – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear and I Heard the Bells – that will prepare us for the study of God’s word.  Similar to last week, the sermon will begin with a short monologue, done by John Heishman in the role of Simeon. 
Go HERE five minutes prior to the service in order to view the live stream. 
Go HERE for an outline for this week’s message.