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All-Church Survey – Sunday Morning Format

Sunday Morning Format



You are aware that since we resumed holding “In-Person” services over the summer, we decreased the number of our Sunday morning services from four to two; offering a traditional service at 8:00am and a modern service at 10:30am. While this change was viewed as temporary, it has provided the Church Board with an opportunity to discuss what changes might be made to our Sunday morning format over the long term.
Our average Sunday morning attendance in 2019 was 610. Since resuming In-Person services on June 21, our Sunday morning attendance average has been 186 (though the average has been 213 since the start of school 8 weeks ago). Much of the In-Person attendance is countered by the fact that the number of households viewing the services online has grown dramatically since the pandemic began.
Churches across the nation are currently wrestling with what to do regarding their Sunday In-Person services. A number of congregations have not yet resumed meeting In-Person, and have no plans to do so until sometime next year. Many churches - who like ourselves have resumed services - are discussing and making decisions on what services will look like moving forward.
While there are numerous reasons for us to consider decreasing the number of our services - including a decrease in both attendance and thus in volunteers - how to actually implement any changes will prove to be far more challenging, and thus the Church Board is seeking your input and suggestions.
The Board has spent several months discussing various options and each one has advantages and disadvantages. We are trusting that Jesus will help us not look solely to our own desires, but focus on the needs of our church as a whole as well as the needs of our community.
Please take some time to provide the Board with your feedback and suggestions...information that the Board will weigh carefully and prayerfully when coming to a decision on the Sunday morning format.
We will be accepting responses until Friday, November 6th. That will give the Board time to examine everyone's responses prior to the next Church Board meeting on November 10th.