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Serving Our Community

By Pastor Bill
This past Sunday morning during the Sunday morning services, I had the opportunity to talk about how important it is for our church family to be actively involved in serving those in our surrounding communities.  I spoke specifically about a group of volunteers from Five Forks who recently helped to replace a roof for a family just outside of Waynesboro. 
Another way that we are able to serve those around us is by helping to provide medical equipment for individuals or families in need. Through the years people have donated to our church, hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers, shower chairs, knee scooters, crutches, and a number of other items.  These items are stored in a trailer up near our Food Pantry/Clothes Closet building, and when we receive calls from individuals in our community who are in need of such items, we are often able to supply them with whatever they may need.
Recently Pastor Ray received a letter of appreciation from someone in the community whose 93-year old grandmother had to undergo emergency surgery for a cancerous mass in her stomach.  I’d like to share excerpts with you:
“She came out of the surgery, but we were about to discover that this was just the beginning of a long ordeal.  The day after the operation, my mother called me in a panic.  One doctor was saying my grandmother might have to go to a nursing home, where due to the pandemic, would be all alone and terrified.  We were told that home care was possible, but only if we had the right equipment, including a hospital bed.  So I worked the phones searching for a bed.  I spoke with a gentleman in Chambersburg who told me that while they did not sell hospital beds, he knew of a church – your church – that loaned out medical equipment.
Within 24 hours, Pastor Ray told my mother that the church had a bed for us.  As I write this, I have a lump in my throat just thinking about the great relief you provided my family in one of our darkest hours.  Your kind generosity would be the first step in our plan to bring my grandmother home to the house where she has lived for more than 70 years.  Clearing this first hurdle allowed us to focus on other needs we would have.  Make no mistake, my grandmother would not have survived nursing care on her own…you helped to save her life.  I truly believe that God sent you to us in our time of need, your prayers for my grandmother’s recovery would be greatly appreciated.  May God bless and protect you all in these turbulent times, and may His shining grace guide your generosity to others who are also in need.”
Amen…may God in His grace continue to guide our congregation as we look for opportunities to serve those living around us.  And a sincere “Thank You” to all of you who help our church be the hands and voice and heart of Jesus.