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Church Board Report – September 2020

The Church Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month, and every month we look to provide the congregation a summary report of what was discussed and what action was taken.  The Board met on Tuesday evening, September 8th in the Chapel.
After opening with prayer and approving the minutes of the August Board meeting, we received various REPORTS starting with an update from Church Treasurer Ron Strite.  Ron reported that we ended the month with $84,628 in our General Fund (up from $62,567 at the end of August).  Pastor Shaun reported that “in-person” attendance for the 10:30 service has been increasing and that we hope to see an additional increase as the Children’s Ministry gets up and running again.  Pastor Brady reported that six students attended the first Wednesday Study Hall that was held on September 2nd.
After receiving and approving the reports, we then moved on to the ACTION ITEMS and DISCUSSION ITEMS.
The Board voted to continue compensation for Dustin Martin to facilitate music production and band set-up for the modern services through February 28th, 2021.  
The Board then discussed the process for performance evaluation of staff members.  An evaluation form was proposed and reviewed with suggestions being offered.  As this form is finalized, Pastor Bill (as senior pastor) will be responsible for conducting these annual reviews. 
Discussion then revolved around the possibility of having a layperson serve in the role of Church Board chair.  Through the years, this role has been filled by one of the Pastors, however, the Board is looking into the possibility of having a layperson from the Board fill this role moving forward.  Discussion will continue at next month’s Board meeting.
Finally, discussion continued regarding the Sunday morning format, specifically in regard to the times of Worship Services, Children’s Sunday School, and Adult Discipleship Classes, with a recognition that every option on the table has its own benefits and drawbacks.  Discussion will continue on this topic at the October Board meeting.
As always, if you have any questions or are interested in further details on any of the things reported above, please feel free to contact Pastor Bill or Pastor Shaun, who serves as co-chair, or any member of the Church Board.
Your Church Board consists of:
 Staff:  Bill Shank, Shaun Kipe  (Note:  Pastors Ray, Chris, and Brady attend and participate in the Board meetings, but only the chair and co-chair are able to vote)
Congregational Representatives (elected at Annual Council):  Chris Bumbaugh, Peggy Dawson, Brian Egolf, Sandy Gray,  Harvey Payne, Angie Petersheim, Jean Showalter, Lin Yoder
Deacon Representative: Ed Herald
Church Treasurer:  Ron Strite
Recording Secretary:  Christina Martin (non-voting)
Please visit the Five Forks Church website ( and click on About Us and then Church Board to get additional information regarding the Board.