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New Sermon Series: FATAL

New Sermon Series:  FATAL
Have you heard of the “seven deadly sins”?  These seven vices were identified by followers of Jesus back around the middle ages.  Rather than the “big” sins, such as murder and adultery, these were more subtle but potentially fatal for those who desired to follow Jesus.
This Sunday, Pastor Shaun begins an eight-week sermon series called FATAL.  We’re going to be looking at eight different traits (including the seven deadly sins) that tend to creep around in the human heart.  Traits that we may not notice, but if not addressed could have dire consequences.
Shaun starts the series with one that many of us may not think of, and that is SLOTH or laziness.  We’ll talk about what sloth is and why it’s fatal…and then what we can do about it.  Shaun’s sermon is titled “A Week from Thursday” and our Scripture text is found in Proverbs 26:14-15 and Proverbs 24:30-31.
Go HERE five minutes prior to either service to view the live stream.
Go HERE for an outline for this week’s message.
We’ll also be singing to God and about God as we gather.  Here are the songs for Sunday:
Come Thou Almighty King
Come Thou Fount
Down at the Cross
Take Time to be Holy
You Make Me Brave
Because He Lives (Amen)
Way Maker
Take My Life
Finally, just a reminder of what has become our standard protocol:
  • If you find yourself in a high-risk category, it would be wise to view the service via the live stream.
  • Please remain at home if you do not feel well or if you have been around someone who has not been well, and again, be sure to join us by viewing the live stream.
  • We will continue to ask that everyone (except for health reasons) wear a mask as you enter and as you leave.  
  • Please continue to practice physical distancing at all times.
  • Even as we are seated in every other row, please go out of your way to establish a generous amount of distance between yourself and others when choosing your seat. The room is large enough for us to spread out quite a bit.
  • At the same time, please engage in conversations with those around you!
  • When using the restroom, please wash your hands thoroughly. Please continue to make use of the hand sanitizer that we have in the foyer and in the Auditorium 
Thank you, and we’re looking forward to worshipping Jesus with you this Sunday!