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By Pastor Bill
Back in the first few weeks of the pandemic, we were not holding In-Person services, and so as a staff, we were looking for ways to provide online discipleship opportunities for our church family.  In early April I sent out an article promoting The Bible Project, which produces short, concise, fully animated videos to help people better understand and experience the story of the Bible.
Just this morning I received an email from the Bible Project, letting subscribers know that they were launching their seventh season with a new Word Study video.  What caught my attention was the topic:
This season we will be looking at the words God uses to describe himself in Exodus 34:6-7. In this passage, the first word God uses to describe himself is compassionate, or in Hebrew, rakhum. This word has fascinating connections in the Hebrew Bible and is actually related to the Hebrew word for “womb.” God’s compassion is active and nurturing and at the core of who he is. Watch our newest video, Character of God: Compassion.
This passage from Exodus is the one that Pastor Shaun used during his What’s In a Name? sermon series back in July.  I believe that this video series could prove very meaningful for us because of the deeper understanding we now have of this passage.    
I’d like to encourage you to watch the video (click on the link above) which is five minutes long, the approximate length of many of the videos on this website.  In other words, it won’t require investing a lot of time to view this (or other videos) on this site, but the impact could be significant.
At any rate, I just wanted to pass this along to you, and encourage you – as a follower of Jesus – to make use of this opportunity that can help you do just that.