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Long In The Nostrils

We come to the 3rd week of our sermon series called What’s In A Name?   Pastor Shaun is taking us through a passage found in Exodus 34 where God actually describes Himself in detail. In the past two weeks, we have looked at “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God…”
We pick up this week with the phrase “…slow to anger…” which in Hebrew means “long in the nostrils.”
So what is the connection between long nostrils and anger? To find out, you’ll either want to join us here at the church this Sunday morning for one of the services or tune in from home and watch the live stream.
One important thing that has transpired in the past few days: Pennsylvania is now one of the states where wearing a mask is a requirement when in a public venue. This means that we will be asking all who come to not only wear a mask upon entering and leaving but throughout the service as well. We understand that this may prove difficult for some, particularly those who find it difficult to breathe through the mask for a significant length of time. For those who elect to stay home, we hope that you will be able to join us by tuning into the live stream!
The other guidelines which have been in place will remain in place, such as… 
  • Worship Jesus wholeheartedly!
  • Please remain at home if you do not feel well or have been around someone that is not well.
  • Please practice physical distancing at all times.
  • If the Auditorium reaches seating capacity (Approx. 200), we will send the overflow to the Chapel where the Auditorium service will be simulcast. If the Chapel reaches capacity (Approx. 50), we will send the overflow into the gym, where the Auditorium service will be simulcast.
In addition to the message, we will worship Jesus with songs of praise!  


All Praise to Him Who Reigns Above
There is a Name I Love to Hear
We Have an Anchor
God of Our Fathers


God So Loved
Heaven and Earth
This is My Father’s World
Reckless Love