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Great to be Back!

The staff (Bill, Ray, Shaun, Chris, and Brady) meets every Monday morning, and one of our main topics yesterday was a review of this past Sunday’s services. Many hours were spent last week talking through logistics, working with our office staff and janitorial staff to recruit volunteers, organize cleaning items, create signs, mark rows, prepare for overflow seating, etc..  Yesterday provided an opportunity to discuss how it all played out.
First, and most importantly, we felt that all of us were able to do what we came to do, and that was worship Jesus. We did this through songs of praise, and through Shaun’s message, the Lord reminded us that He is relational and that He responds and interacts with us!  May this be your experience throughout this day…and every day.
Second, it was great seeing many of you again! And it was great seeing you interact – even from a distance – with one another after being apart for so long. We heard numerous comments about how great it was to be back together with our church family!
Third, as a staff, we are very grateful for how you worked with us on this first Sunday when it came to the guidance we had suggested. The physical distancing, the wearing of masks, being seated in every other row, placing our offerings in boxes…all of these went smoothly, and again, we thank you for the humble spirit you displayed and the love that you showed one another.
We were not sure what to expect in the way of attendance, in the end, we had 77 attend the 8:00 service, and 124 attend the 10:30 service for a total of 201. This allowed everyone to gather in the Auditorium without needing to move into an overflow area.
In addition to those attending, we had over 100 households viewing the two services online as it streamed live over the internet. This could translate to an additional 200-300 individuals joining the 200 who were at the church. We are so glad that our church family is able to take advantage of the live stream. For the past few years leading up to the onset of COVID, we would normally have between 20 and 30 households viewing online every Sunday. Over these past few months many of us have come to see how easy it is to access and the important role it plays in helping us stay connected to the life of the church.  For those of you who are physically at risk or have loved ones who are at risk, we are glad that you are able to take advantage of the live stream at this time.
Finally, during yesterday’s meeting, we asked each other what we might have done differently, and nothing obvious came to mind. Please let us know if there is something you believe we overlooked! At any rate, we will look to do this Sunday what we did this past Sunday. And these steps – physical distancing, masks as we enter and exit, sitting every other row –  will likely continue for the foreseeable future.
As we have been saying, motivating every decision that we make is our care, concern, and love for you! Thank you again for the spirit you displayed this past Sunday, and whether in person or online, we look forward to worshipping Jesus with you again this coming Sunday!