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Together Again!

Things to know as we prepare to Re-gather.
A.  Overview
B.  Entering the Property
C.  Entering the Building/Auditorium
D.  Worship Service
E.  Dismissal/Exiting the Building 

This coming Sunday, June 21st, we will be resuming in-person worship services at Five Forks!  While we are glad for the opportunity to gather once again, we also take very seriously the fact that people in our area continue to test positive for COVID-19.  We also know that there appears to be somewhat of a resurgence of the virus in various places throughout our country; we would like for this not to happen here.   Therefore, we want to assure you that our concern includes everyone’s spiritual well-being and everyone’s physical health as well. 

While we would love to see you, if you are feeling sick or have been with someone who is, we kindly ask that you remain at home.  If you choose not to attend because you are not quite ready to return, we understand and encourage you to join us as we live stream both the 8:00 and 10:30 service.  We will look forward to that time when you are able to join us!

The re-gathering will be a gradual process that will take place over a period of weeks or perhaps even months.  Initially, there will be no Café, Nursery or Sunday School for adults, students or children.  We encourage families to sit together for the worship services as this will help us maximize our seating capacity.   

On the 21st, we will begin by holding a Traditional Service at 8:00am and a Modern Service at 10:30am.  This will allow time for a team of volunteers to clean between services.   

While things will not be the same as they were in March, the main thing – worshipping Jesus as a body of Believers – will not have changed.  Here are some things you will want to know as you prepare to return:
As always, you may park across the road, in front of the church, or in the upper parking lot.  

  • We do ask that everyone enter either through the Main Entrance or the Auditorium Entrance, as all other entry doors will be locked.   
  • We will be asking everyone to practice physical distancing starting in the parking lot and continuing in the Foyers and Auditorium. 
  • We will be opening doors for you.
  • We will greet each other warmly but without physical contact (Sorry! No handshakes or hugs for now). 
  • We are encouraging everyone who is physically able to wear a mask as you enter, and we will have masks on hand for those who need one.  It appears that the virus is transmitted more commonly through respiratory water droplets (sneezing, coughing, talking); it also appears that wearing a mask is the most effective way to stop person-to-person spread of water droplets.  Please feel free to remove your mask once you are in your seat. 
  • We will have hand sanitizer readily available throughout the Auditorium foyer.
  • Upon entering the Auditorium you will find that in order to maintain proper distancing, we will be using every other row.  In addition, we are asking for you to allow for 3 empty seats (which equates to 6 feet) between yourself and other non-family in your row.  This will allow seating for approximately 200.  A team consisting of staff and volunteers will be in the aisles helping to usher and help guide you should any assistance be needed.
  • If we reach capacity in the Auditorium, we will be prepared to make the Chapel available as an overflow area, where the service will be simulcast live.  Should the Chapel reach its capacity (approximately 50), we will be prepared to make the gymnasium available as an overflow area, where again, the service will be simulcast live.
  • Available restrooms include those in the Auditorium foyer and Children’s Wing foyer.   When using either restroom, we encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly and make use of the disinfecting wipes that will be available in individual baggies.
  • Water fountains will not be in operation during this initial phase, so please feel free to bring water from home!
  • Let’s worship Jesus!
  • No offering basket will be passed, however, there will be boxes located in the back of the Auditorium where you can place your offering as you enter or leave the room.
  • After a time of praise and worship and before the message, we will look to Chris for a short “Kid’s Moment”, and he will have activity bags available for children as well.
  • The Nursing Station (located near the Auditorium) will be open during both services.  If a parent desires to take a child out of the service and into the foyer, please be sure to maintain physical distancing from others. 
  • In order to maintain physical distancing, we will be asking everyone to exit the Auditorium in an orderly manner, starting from the back.  Once you see those in the row behind you are making their way out, you should leave your seat and begin to exit.
  • We are asking that everyone exits the building without delay in order to avoid congestion in the foyers.  While we want you to engage in conversation with others once you are outside, we encourage you to use good judgment as you make your way to your vehicle 
Please keep in mind that these changes are temporary, allowing us to evaluate what we are doing well, and possibly allow us to make adjustments in the upcoming weeks.  It will also allow us to evaluate and identify areas where we are not doing well and also make necessary adjustments.

As we reopen, we will be asking everyone to extend grace and patience to one another.  As followers of Jesus, we will be encouraging everyone to follow in His steps: 

“Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.  Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 2:4-5).