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From Your Church Board on the Topic of Reopening – Part II

From Your Church Board on the Topic of Reopening – Part II
Two weeks ago, we addressed the topic of reopening, acknowledging the tension that exists between a strong desire to resume services and the potential health risk involved.  We spoke about the importance of extending grace to one another due to different views and shared that we would be complying with State and Federal orders in regard to green, yellow, and red phases.  If you have not read this article, we would encourage you to do so by going HERE.
The article ended with these words:  We want you to know that we will be looking for God’s guidance and that our love and concern for you – based on His love and concern for you – will be our primary motivation.
Bill, Ray, Shaun, Chris, and Brady have been meeting regularly to ensure that their decision-making is being driven by their love and concern for you and all of our church family, and not unduly influenced by what others might be saying or doing.  For the past two months, we have been envisioning what things will look like once our worship services resume.  While we do not believe it is wise to reopen right now, we have begun discussing in more detail when and where services could be held, and what they would look like initially.  See more below in regard to how you may be able to help once services resume.
We are aware that there are a number of churches who have resumed services, and there will be some in our congregation who believe we should do the same.  While we understand the longing to resume services – because we all have it – there are a number of reasons why, for now, we are taking a wait and see approach:
First, we remain in contact with those on the front lines in local hospitals working directly with COVID patients.  They report that the virus remains active in this area, and not just among the elderly or those in nursing homes.  It is real and unpredictable.
Second, of all the events that could possibly be held, worship gatherings pose one of the highest risks when it comes to spreading the virus.  Even when steps are taken to limit exposure, a large gathering of people in one location for an extended period of time carries with it more risk than what we are willing to expose our church family to at this time. 
Remain aware that while the church doors may be closed, the Church itself remains open, because you are the Church.  We are a group of Jesus followers, spread throughout the community and we never close.
The church at Five Forks has remained active and alive over the course of these past two months, as we reach out and stay connected through phone calls, emails, texts, letters, and videos.  We are worshipping together (live stream)…praying together (National Day of Prayer)…eating together (Communion)…and serving together (Food Pantry).  We are eagerly anticipating the day when we can resume holding services, but until then we want to let you know how much we appreciate all that you are doing to keep Five Forks Church active and alive!
As mentioned above, we will be looking to assemble a team of volunteers who will be available to help out once the Sunday morning services resume.  This may include opening doors, ushering, wiping down backs of seats, and arm-rests, just to give a few examples.  If you are interested in serving, please contact the church office ( and we will be in touch.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Bill (Board Chair at bill@ffbic.orgor Pastor Shaun (Co-Chair at  Church office:  717-762 2991.