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Power, Purpose, Presence

The Power, Purpose, and Presence of the Holy Spirit

Thanks to all of you who have been setting aside an hour every Sunday morning to participate in our live stream service.  We’ve heard from a variety of speakers over the past five weeks:  Shaun, then Shaun and Brady, then Chris, then Shaun and Jenny, then Bill.  This Sunday, we get to hear from Pastor Ray as he begins a 3-week series called The Holy Spirit:  Here and Now. 

Ray will be sharing his desire to see us develop a closer walk with Jesus as we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures, and look to engage in a meaningful way with the Holy Spirit.  Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be reminded that through the Holy Spirit, God is lovingly present and active in our lives.  

This Sunday we’ll begin by turning our attention to the Power, Purpose, and Presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Prior to the message, we will all come before God with songs of praise and worship!

Come all you weary, come all you thirsty…Come to the well that never runs dry.  Drink of the Water, come and thirst no more.

To reveal the Kingdom coming and to reconcile the lost, to redeem the whole creation You did not despise the Cross.  For even in Your suffering You saw the other side, knowing this was our salvation, Jesus, for our sake You died.

Only Thou art holy, there is none beside Thee, perfect in power, in love and purity. 

You’ve come to bring peace, to be love, to be nearer to us…You’ve come to bring life, to be Light, to shine brighter in us, Oh Emmanuel…God with us.

As a staff, we are so encouraged to know that every Sunday morning as the live stream service is taking place here at the church, that hundreds of you are joining us to worship Jesus and learn from Him!  And so we look forward to gathering with you again this Sunday as we look to see what God wants to teach us about the work of His Spirit.