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Prayer Hour this Evening

Prayer Hour This Evening (Friday, January 24th) at 7:00
We’re hours away from gathering together for an hour of corporate worship. We’ll be praying primarily for our Annual Council meeting which will be held next Tuesday evening (January 28th).  We will be praising God for His blessings to us this past year, seeking His guidance when it comes to the business at hand on Tuesday evening, and asking for Him to lead and guide us throughout the coming year. 
You can enter by coming up the very front steps into the Chapel, as we will be gathering in the Chapel Wing where it is much easier to hear each other as we pray.  
For those of you who have never participated in a prayer hour at Five Forks, here is what you can expect:
  • Some will pray aloud, many will pray silently. 
  • There will be periods when people are praying one after another. There will be periods when no one prays aloud, instead, praying silently or listening for God to speak to us.
  • Some will pray for several minutes, some for several seconds.
  • Some may read a verse or passage of Scripture for their prayer, others may read a prayer they have written, some will pray spontaneously. 
  • Some will pray several times, some will pray just once.
In short, there is no right or wrong, the most important thing is that you come, prepared to join with your brothers and sisters in Christ in going before God, praising Him for who He is, what He is doing, and all that He will do!  Hope to see you this evening at 7:00!
This past July as we worked our way through a study on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we came to the passage where Jesus spoke about fasting.  We came to see that at different places in the Scriptures, fasting would be done in relation to significant events.  We view Annual Council as a significant event due to the important decisions that are made or begun that evening.  And so we would like to suggest that you consider fasting – for a meal, for a day – leading up to our meeting this Tuesday evening.  (Matthew 6:16-18).