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Congregational Expression

Pastor Ray Kipe has been serving as one of our pastors since 1992, and his latest term is set to conclude in the next few weeks.  The Church Board is seeking your input before coming to a decision regarding the continuation of Ray’s service at Five Forks BIC.
The opportunity for this Congregational Expression will begin at the conclusion of our Annual Council meeting on Tuesday, January 28th and conclude at 12:30 P.M. on Sunday, February 9th.  Forms will be placed in all church mailboxes and there will be several drop-off locations throughout the church for your completed form to be placed.  Forms will also be made available online for those who would prefer to respond electronically, however, if responding online you must include your email address.  To summarize, you can vote via a hard (paper) copy or online, but not both. 
On the form, you will be asked to respond “yes” or “no” to the following question:  “Would it be your recommendation that Ray continues serving as Pastor at Five Forks BIC?”
We will also invite you to take time to include any comments on the form that you believe would be helpful, either words of affirmation and encouragement, or words of constructive suggestions for improvement.  Your comments will only be read by a sub-committee of three individuals from the Church Board, but in order for your comments to be read and considered, you must include your name. 
This sub-committee will provide the Church Board with the results of the question, as well as a detailed summary of the comments received.  The Board will then weigh the results and the comments before a final decision is made.  To be clear, your specific comments will remain confidential within the three-person subcommittee of the Church Board. 
The Church Board appreciates and values your response!