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4-week Series beginning January 12th – Community Life

On Sunday, January 12th, we’ll be kicking off a 4-week series, where we are going to talk about building our Community Life here at Five Forks church.  
It’s one thing to visit the same building as a group of several hundred other people, once a week for church services.  It’s a totally different thing to actually have community with this group.  And the truth is, unless we are intentional about our community, connectedness, it will never happen.  Even in a group of several hundred people, we can feel alone or isolated.
And often our individualized culture does not help us.  We tend to believe we can get through life on our own and this is perhaps most often exemplified in our spirituality.  But you see God’s presence is uniquely manifest in authentic community.  And the church is supposed to be the clearest representation of authentic community.  Jesus once said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name…I am there.” (Matthew 18) 
You and I were created for community, it is one of God’s gifts to humanity and it’s vital to the health of our church family.  And so we’re gonna take four weeks to talk about four key ingredients to Community Life here at Five Forks and how you can participate in that.  Four key ingredients:  Work, Play, Pray/Worship and Eat.  Let’s make a priority to build our community life this year.