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2020 Church Board Slate

Introducing the 2020 Church Board Slate
Later this month, you will be electing three individuals to serve on the Church Board starting in March of 2020.  HERE you will find important information provided by each of the six candidates whose names appear on this year’s slate.  Please take the time to read over these and pray over these before casting your votes.  Voting will begin at the conclusion of our Annual Council meeting that will be held on Tuesday, January 28th and will end at 12:30 P.M. on Sunday, February 9th.  
The work of putting together this year’s slate began this past summer, as those serving on the Discernment Committee met on several occasions to identify and discuss possible candidates for the 2020 slate.  Nominations for the slate may come from individuals who wish to serve, from the congregation who would like to see a specific person serve, or from members of the Discernment Committee themselves. 
This past summer the DC compiled a list of 29 potential candidates, 17 men and 12 women from all age groups representing each of our 4 services.  Contact was made with these individuals, with some expressing an initial interest in having his or her name appear on the slate, while some did not at this point in time.  Those who expressed an interest were asked to complete a questionnaire (provided by our denomination) in order for them to articulate their doctrinal views.  In the fall, the Discernment Committee met to continue the discussion, and then commit to a time of prayer before individually prioritizing the list of candidates.  Those ranked in the top six were then approached with an official invitation to allow his or her name to appear on the slate.   If and when a potential candidate would decline, the next person on the list would be approached and extended an invitation for his or her name to appear on the slate.
We are grateful for the work of the Discernment Committee, as every year they bring to the congregation a slate consisting of individuals who possess high character, have ministry experience, and most importantly are followers of Jesus.
Discernment Committee Members:  Melanie Bitner, Lee Grimm, Nancy McKee, Melissa Mitchell, Abby Schuler,  Brad Sell, Rachel Showalter, Phyllis Witter, Chad Yoder, Bill Shank (Pastoral Representative).