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A Believer or a Disciple?

A Believer or a Disciple?
By Pastor Bill
This past Sunday morning, we held our first Connect Class, and approximately 25 came to find out more about our church, specifically Who We Are and What We Believe.  At one point, I posed the question:  “Is there any difference between a Believer and a Disciple?”   
What do you think?
About 15 years ago, I was reading a book by Dallas Willard and came across a passage that resonated with me so strongly I cut it out and have had it posted in my office ever since.  Here’s what Willard wrote:  “Many have been led to believe that God, for some unfathomable reason, just thinks it’s okay to ‘forgive us’ because we say we believe in Jesus…He scans our minds and sees that we do indeed have this ‘belief’ that Jesus died for my sin.  Even if we trust everything BUT God in all other areas of our lives.
This belief leaves unexplained how it is possible that one can rely on Jesus for the next life without doing so for this one…to, in essence, trust Him for one’s eternal destiny without trusting Him for ‘the things that relate to everyday life.’  Is this really possible?  Surely not!’ 
I imagine all of us have come across those who truly “believe” in Jesus, but in talking with them you find that in their day to day lives, Jesus is irrelevant.  This should concern us.  Jesus calls us to share the gospel so that people come to believe in Him, but He also calls us to make disciples (Matthew 28:19) so that people come to understand what it means to truly follow Him.  Jesus should be relevant to the extent that we follow Him, trust Him, and obey Him in all aspects of our lives.
So…starting the last Sunday in October (the 27th) and then every Sunday in November, I will be offering a Discipleship Class for anyone who wants to talk about what it means to follow Jesus.  It will be held in the large room under the Chapel from 9:30 A.M. till 10:30 A.M.  If you’re interested in attending but that time doesn’t work for you, I’ll also be offering this class on Wednesday evenings (in Room C2) as well during this same time period.  In other words, Week 1 will be held on Sunday morning October 27th, and then again on Wednesday night, October 30th.   
If you’re looking to grow as a disciple of Jesus, please know that you’re welcome to join us on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings in late October and throughout November!  Please feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions.