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2020 Church Board Election

2020 Church Board Election

The Church Board serves as the governing body here at Five Forks, and it is you, the congregation, who elects those who will represent you on the Board.  Every January, a slate of approximately six candidates is presented to the congregation asking you to elect two who will serve on the Board for a 3-year term.

The Discernment Committee has the responsibility of coming up with and presenting to the congregation the slate of six candidates, and their work begins now over the summer.  The DC has begun preliminary discussions, looking to identify potential candidates:  Those who are passionate about Five Forks Church and embrace our desire to be true followers of Jesus; those who are aware of and embrace the core values of our church and denomination.

However, this committee is looking to you to help them identify those who fit this description and can help us carry out our desire to follow Jesus and be a “Light on the Hill” for the surrounding communities.  Would you be willing to submit names for the DC to consider approaching and gauging their interest in serving on the Board?

If so, please contact any member of the DC and share with them the name or names you would like for them to consider.

DC Members:  Melanie Bitner, Lee Grimm, Nancy McKee, Melissa Mitchell, Abby Schuler, Brad Sell, Rachel Showalter, Phyllis Witter, Chad Yoder.  Pastor Bill serves as the Pastoral Representative.