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Church Auction

In some ways, Thursday, September 26th seems so far away.  Having said that, life seems to move pretty fast these days, and that date will come quickly.  September 26th happens to be the date of the Church Auction, which is one of the biggest events for our church every year.

We are asking everyone in our congregation to consider how you might be able to help donate to the auction:

  • You might be willing to purchase a new item, make an item such as furniture, quilts, afghans, scarves, a meal or your favorite dessert.
  • You might be able to donate services (i.e. babysitting, cleaning, car repair/maintenance, lawn mowing, etc.)
  • You might consider asking a business which you patronize to make a donation.

Here are some examples of items that have been donated in the past:  A cord of wood, beef to be butchered, pumpkins and other produce, potted flowers, gift certificates, cake/pie/cookies-a-month, quilts, wood furniture, vacation condo or cabin, event tickets.  There are many creative options to choose from.  How might you use your talents or skills?

If you would like to donate an item or service, please complete the form that will soon be appearing online and in your church mailbox and return to the mailbox of Melissa Mitchell.  Extra forms will be available at the Information Desk in the upper lobby.  If you have questions, please contact Melissa at 717-977-9078 or email her at

Important Points to Ponder: 

  • We promote this as an auction (as opposed to a yard sale), and this is why we are asking for new and/or handcrafted items rather than used items.  Some might say that even if you can get a dollar for something used it’s better than nothing, and while that is true, it is our desire to make this a special event that will attract people not just from our congregation but from the community as well.  This is one reason why we are asking for new and/or handcrafted items.  Thank you for your understanding. (Note: Every year in early November we hold a Fall Fun Day which includes a large yard sale area.  Keep this in mind if you are looking for an opportunity to “clean house.” 
  • If you choose to make numerous hand-crafted items that are the same or similar, we have found that these items sell better when you limit these items to 1 or 2.

As usual, you can purchase your dinner and eat at tables set up in the gym prior to the start of the auction, courtesy of our hospitality committee.

Don’t forget to write Thursday, September 26th on your calendar!