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How We Live

I hope that you have benefitted from our recent sermon series as we looked at 5 of the Core Values of the Brethren in Christ.  There are 10 in all, and we’ll be looking at the remaining 5 later in the year.  Behind all 10 is the emphasis we place on How We Live.  
For example, we live looking to experience God…we see how He actively engages with us when it comes to our salvation, and continues to be active in our growth and transformation. (Core Value #1)
We live looking to the Bible as the authoritative word of God, we study it together and build our lives on its truth. (#2)
Led by the Holy Spirit, we live our lives worshiping God in way that glorifies and honors Him. (#3)
We live looking to obey Jesus wholeheartedly through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. (#4)
Finally, we long to live as a community of faith, with integrity and accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love and acceptance. (#5)
This is how we want to live.
Related to our Core Value Series are other topics where our theology, faith and culture intersect.   Our denomination makes it easy to know what positions we take on topics such as marriage, sexuality, women in ministry (and many more) by exploring our denomination’s website.
Here is the link where the positions taken by the BIC are addressed and articulated:
I would encourage you to go to this site, taking time to become familiar with where we stand on various issues that are important to us as we look to live like Jesus!