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Great Words in History

“I have a dream”.  
“Give me liberty or give me death!”  
These are words that have gone down in history because of their great significance.  But the greatest words ever spoken carry authority in a way that other words can’t. They are words of healing, hope and joy. They are words spoken by Jesus and are found in what is called “The Sermon on the Mount.” 
 We’re going to take 21 weeks in 2019 –  8 weeks in February/March…8 weeks in June/July…and 5 weeks in September – to study and apply what Jesus teaches in this sermon.    The series is titled “Whoever Hears These Words…”  
 By the time we arrive at the 21st and final message in late September, we will come to these words:  “Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice…”   Jesus will go on to affirm as wise those who hear His words in this sermon AND puts them into practice.  He will define the foolish as those who hear His words and stop right there.  
 And so here we go.   Week one, with the messages being brought by Pastors Shaun (Auditorium) and Brian (Chapel).    This week’s message is titled Who Said It…Matters, and our scripture text is found in Matthew 4:23-5:1.  
Read the words of Jesus before Sunday.  Then let’s come on Sunday and hear His words, together.   Then let us go and put those words we read and words we heard into practice!


 8:00 Service in the Auditorium

 Worship & Praise:  O For a Thousand Tongues…There is a Fountain…God’s Eternal Truth Yet Stands…All Glory, Laud and Honor
 Message:  Who Said It…Matters

 9:30 and 11:00 Services in the Auditorium

 Worship & Praise:  Build Your Kingdom Here…Lay Me Down…Reckless Love…Great I AM
 Message:  Who Said It…Matters

 11:00 Service in the Chapel

 Worship & Praise:  Come, Christians, Join to Sing…Jesus, Thou Mighty Lord…O Savior, Precious Savior, All Glory to Jesus, Begotten of God
 Message:  Who Said It…Matters