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“And I will rise among the saints…

…my gaze transfixed on Jesus’ face.”
Sunday’s message in the Auditorium was about overcoming fear, and I said that this can happen as we pursue intimacy with Jesus.   We looked at how David pursued intimacy with God: he sought God’s presence, His beauty and His will.   I said that I would be sending out my favorite worship videos – one each day – that have helped me: 1) Enter into God’s presence, 2) Gaze upon His beauty and delight in it, and 3) See the justice, holiness and grace of God by looking at Jesus and His work on the Cross.
I acknowledge that we have different preferences when it comes to the type of music we worship to. Having said that it is my hope and prayer that these will touch and speak to many of you as they have touched and spoken to me. Regardless, I pray that all of us will grow closer to Jesus this week as we pursue intimacy with Him.
Today’s song is called “O Praise the Name” which is another song that we have sung on Sunday mornings during the Modern Services.   There are a number of different versions of this song but this one I go to when I worship in this way.   I’m not familiar with David Ware, but he seems to be genuinely moved by the power and the reality of the words he is singing, just as we have been moved by words and songs like these.
Pastor Bill