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“I will kneel in the dust…

…at the foot of the Cross, where mercy paid for me.”
This past Sunday I said that every day this week I would be sending out a different link to five of my favorite worship videos. By favorite I mean those songs that have helped me: 1) Enter into God’s presence, 2) Gaze upon His beauty and delight in it, and 3) See the justice, holiness and grace of God by looking at Jesus and His work on the Cross.
I acknowledge that we have different preferences when it comes to the type of music we worship to. Having said that it is my hope and prayer that these will touch and speak to many of you as they have touched and spoken to me. Regardless, I pray that all of us will grow closer to Jesus this week as we pursue intimacy with Him.
The week begins with the song “Mercy” which we have done on occasion during the Modern Services for the past several years.   There was one Sunday morning about 3 years ago where this song spoke to me in a very meaningful way, and it has been special to me ever since.   A while back I found this version (link below) by Matt Redman, and it is a video that I will often pull up when I feel led to worship Jesus in this way.
Pastor Bill