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“My Feet Had Almost Slipped”

Have you ever felt like walking away from God?   Many have through the years, for different reasons. One of those reasons is just how unfair life is…and how unfair God is.
This is what a man by the name of Asaph was struggling with. He was doing his best to live an upright life…clean hands, pure heart.   But he was afflicted by something (we don’t know what exactly) and felt like he was being punished by God. Even worse, he looked around and saw the wicked prospering.   And he almost broke under the weight of it all.
This week Pastor Bill begins a new sermon series – Ancient Words, Ever True – that will take us through July. We’ll be looking at different problem that have been around forever, and see how the answers for these problems – written many years ago – are still the answers for today. This week’s message is titled When Life is Unfair, and we’ll see why Asaph nearly walked away from God, and how he got his foothold back.   Our Scripture text is Psalm 73.
Pastor Ray begins his July series- Our Weakness, God’s Strength – in the Chapel with a message titled Dealing With Depression.   We’ll see how God looks to work in and through our weakness. It was Meynell who said “God did not create us to be strong without Him, which is why He is interested in our weakness.”
Our main scripture test is found in Psalm 42 and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 if you would like to read ahead.


8:00 Service in the Auditorium

Worship & Praise: A Mighty Fortress is Our God….Abide With Me…I Need Thee Every Hour…For a Lasting Peace
Missions Update: Caitlin Recard
Scripture Reading: Sheri-Siner Toth
Message: When Life is Unfair

9:30 and 11:00 Services in the Auditorium

Worship & Praise: Your Mercy…No Other…Nothing But the Blood…The Stand…Anchor of Hope
Missions Update: Caitlin Recard
Scripture Reading: Tiffany Bloyer (9:30), Amy Hansen (11:00)
Message: When Life is Unfair

11:00 Service in the Chapel

Missions Update: Caitlin Recard
Worship & Praise: God of Our Fathers…America the Beautiful…My Country, Tis of Thee..Glorious Freedom
Message: Dealing With Depression