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New May Series

This Sunday Pastors Shaun and Brian each begin a 4-week series of sermons that will take us through the month of May. In the Auditorium Shaun begins a series called The Patriarchs  Brian begins a series in the Chapel called Elijah – the Man of God. Here is a summary of the direction we’ll be headed:
SERIES:  THE PATRIARCHS  (Auditorium/Pastor Shaun)
4000 years ago, in the Mesopotamian desert, God showed up to a man named Abraham, helping him come to a new understanding of the world, his faith, his identity.  God met Abraham where he was and then slowly and patiently began to bring him into a fuller understanding of who He is.  And then continued with his son Isaac, and then with his son Jacob.  This the story of the Patriarchs.  And I think you’ll find God does that same for you and me.  He meets us where we are in life, with all of our experiences, insecurities, imperfections, and then slowly and patiently brings us into a fuller understanding of who He is.
SERIES:  ELIJAH – THE MAN OF GOD (Chapel/Pastor Brian)
Elijah lived in an era of unbridled evil. His nation and the kings who ruled had rejected God, and Elijah was sent to confront them. Because of this he often found himself isolated from others who also were faithful to God.   Looking back, we recognize Elijah as one of the most well-known and powerful prophets in Israel. While we will be looking at some incredible miracles performed by God through Elijah, we won’t want to miss out on the relationship that Elijah had with God, and the relationship that we can have with God as well.


8:00 Service in the Auditorium

Music Ministry:  Bell Ensemble
Worship & Praise:  I Love to Tell the Story…O God, Our Help in Ages Past…Great Is Thy Faithfulness…Blessed Assurance
Message:  That Sounds a Little Strange

9:30 and 11:00 Services in the Auditorium

Worship & Praise:  One Thing Remains…I Will Follow…Wonderful, Merciful Savior…Exalted Over All…Never Once
Message:  That Sounds a Little Strange

11:00 Service in the Chapel

Worship & Praise: Come Thou Fount…Down at the Cross…God Leads Us Along…Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Message:  The Famine and the Widow
Reminder: This Sunday night is the City Rock Fest Concert.  It will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room starting at 6pm.