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So Many Questions

“Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father.”    As soon as Mary recognized Jesus on that first Easter morning, she reached out and took hold of Him.
Jesus told her to let go.
Have you ever wondered why?
It’s easy to assume that for some reason Jesus can’t be touched after the resurrection and during that 40-day period leading up to the Ascension. But that can’t be true because there are other times after the Resurrection when people do touch Jesus and He never says a word.
This Sunday in the Auditorium Pastor Bill begins a new sermon series titled I Have Seen the Lord.  We will be looking at a number of post-resurrection encounters that people had with Jesus prior to His Ascension. This Easter Sunday we’ll look at the encounter between Jesus and Mary as recorded in John’s gospel.   The passage (John 20:10-18) invites So Many Questions such as:
Why does Mary remain at the tomb after Peter and John return home?
How is it the Mary doesn’t even consider the possibility of a Resurrection?
Why does Jesus reveal Himself to Mary first?
Why does Jesus insist that Mary not hold on to Him?
Pastor Ray brings the Easter message in the Chapel Service at 11:00. The message is titled “Hope: Because Easter Happened.”   The main Scripture text that Ray will be using is from I Corinthians 15.   Some of the things Ray will have us consider:   Paul’s Case for the Resurrection…How Jesus’ Death is Set Apart from all Others in History…Reasonable Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection…The Implications of Jesus’ Resurrection…The Extraordinary Nature of the Christian Faith…What Choosing to Follow the Resurrected Christ Means For Us.
Last but not least, please make plans to get up early and gather with us at the front of the church for our Sunrise Service. It begins at 6:45 with Youth Director Kenton Hock bringing a short devotional. There will also be a time of praise and worship before we head inside to the Café for a time of fellowship prior to the 8:00 service.