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Church Security Committee Formed

The Church Board has established a 6-person committee that has been given the responsibility of developing a formal security policy for our church. The committee consists of Glen Wingert, Keith Toomey, Nathan Stymiest, Kevin Hord, Angie Petersheim and Gene Gorman.
The committee has met several times and will be giving a preliminary report to the Church Board in early April.   They will be addressing potential issues such as medical emergencies, fire, an active shooter, and child safety. Plans are already in the works for the purchase of a number of two-way radios that will allow for church-wide communication to take place in the event that an emergency unfolds anywhere on the church grounds. The committee also plans to bring in an expert in the field of church security to do a walk-through of the church complex and make recommendations.
While we are in the beginning stages of implementing a security policy, there are at least two things to be aware of:
  1. It is extremely likely that there will be some noticeable changes taking place.   One example might be the locking of some doors that have previously been left unlocked.
  2. There will almost certainly be a need for volunteers to help serve in this area as we look to increase our level of awareness on Sunday mornings (and other times when the church gathers).
We will do our very best to effectively communicate changes that will be taking place. In the meantime, if you have any interest in helping out in this area, please contact any of the staff or any member of the Security Committee.