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Update – Snow and Services

10:30am:  We plan on streaming the 11:00 Auditorium Service.  Click on the Resource tab at the top of the page then go to service live stream.

10:00am:  The snow is steady and laying on the parking lots.  At this point, the staff is here and because the 11:00 services can be run with just a few people, we will hold the services for whoever would like to come out.  If you are a volunteer scheduled to help at 11:00, please feel free to remain at home as the staff will be able to cover.  Be safe!

9:30am:  The snow has started, we will post an update regarding 11:00 services around 10am.

8:30am:  No change since 8:00 update.

8:00am:  According to the radar it should be snowing.  For the past 2 hours.  But because it is not reaching the ground we plan to have SS and all services at this point.  Please check back every half hour in case there is a change.

 7:30am:  Still no snow.  The Youth have cancelled their snow tubing event and it will be held at a later date.   We plan on making a call regarding SS and the 9:30 service by  8:00.  Check back then!

 7:00am:  It has not yet begun to snow here at the church and so we will be holding the  8:00 service.

Check back at 7:30 for an update in regards to Sunday School and the 9:30 and 11:00 services.

6:15am: If it begins to snow in the next hour or two, it is likely that we will be canceling Sunday School and possibly some of the later services.

As of now we anticipate holding the 8:00 Service.

What transpires in the next hour or two will help determine not only the status of Sunday School, but our 9:30 and 11:00 services as well. We will post another update around 7AM.