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Advent Begins

The Advent Season begins this Sunday and Pastors Brian and Shaun will be bringing the first messages this series.

Time/Location: 8:00 Service in the Auditorium and 11:00 Service in the Chapel

Sermon: Everything Made New
Scripture: Revelation 21:5
Speaker: Pastor Brian
Preview: “I am making everything new!”   Thus the Lord Jesus Christ announces from His throne, and He instructs John to write it down.  We can read Jesus’ declaration today near the end of the Bible, in Revelation 21:5.
An aspect of the Christmas story we might not often consider is that Christ came to redeem, not only the souls of all humanity, but also all of the created order.  We sense deeply that the world around us does not function as it ought.  And that deep sense of the disorder around us is verified by the testimony of the Bible.
In both the traditional services this coming Sunday, Pastor Brian will be exploring these ideas as presented in a variety of Scriptures.  All of it will point out the need for a Savior.  How joyous, then, is the message of the angel, that “unto all of you has been born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, which is none other than Christ the Lord!”
Order of Service:
Welcome/Call to Worship
Commissioning of Kenton Hock (11:00 service)
Congregational Hymns: O Come, All Ye Faithful…It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Lighting of the Advent Wreath
Congregational Hymn: Savior of the Nations, Come
Commissioning of Kenton Hock (8:00 Service)
Message: Everything Made New
Congregational Hymn: What Child is This?

Time/Location: 9:30 and 11:00 Services in the Auditorium

Sermon: There Must Be a Better Way
Scripture: Romans 8:19-23
Speaker: Pastor Shaun
Preview: We are living in a world right now that is saying, “There must be a better way for humanity.” And in Shaun’s message we are going to see that God says, “There is a better way. I’ve given you a better way.” We’ll look at how creation was good and orderly, but became chaotic and in the words of Scripture, groaning.   We’ll see how a baby was born into chaos and would one day groan on the Cross for creation in order to begin the renewal of creation. He has come to show us the better way.
Order of Service:
Worship & Praise: My Soul Magnifies the Lord…It Came Upon the Midnight Clear…O Come All Ye Faithful
Lighting of the Advent Wreath
Worship & Praise: Savior of the Nations Come
Commissioning of Kenton Hock
Message: There Must Be a Better Way
Children Dedication (11:00 only)
Worship & Praise: This I Believe